SIGKDD Explorations

December 2007, Volume 9, Issue 2

Editor in Chief

Ramakrishnan Srikant (Google)

Associate Editors

Bing Liu (Univ. of Illinois, Chicago)
Osmar R. Zaiane (University of Alberta, Canada)

Guest Editors

Daniel Keim (University of Konstanz)
Joern Schneidewind (University of Konstanz)

December 2007, Volume 9, Issue 2

Special Issue

Introduction to the Special Issue on Visual Analytics [3]
Daniel Keim, Joern Schneidewind

VISA: Visual Subspace Clustering Analysis [5]
Ira Assent, Ralph Krieger, Emmanuel Mueller, Thomas Seidl

Visual Analysis of Dynamic Group Membership in Temporal Social Networks [13]
Hyunmo Kang, Lise Getoor, Lisa Singh

Managing discoveries in the visual analytics process [22]
Di Yang, Zaixian Xie, Elke A. Rundensteiner and Matthew Ward

TrajectoryBased Visual Analysis of Large Financial Time Series Data [30]
Tobias Schreck, Tatiana Tekusova, Dieter Fellner, Joern Kohlhammer

Visual Analytics Tools for Analysis of Movement Data [38]
Gennady Andrienko, Natalia Andrienko, Stefan Wrobel


More Bang for Their Bucks: Assessing New Features for Online Advertisers [100]
Diane Lambert and Daryl Pregibon


KDD Cup and Workshop 2007 [51]
James Bennett, Charles Elkan, Bing Liu, Padhraic Smyth and Domonkos Tikk

KDD Cup 2007 Task 1 Winner Report [ [53]
Miklos Kurucz Andras A. Benczur Tamas Kiss, Istvan Nagy Adrienn Szabo Balazs Torma

A classical predictive modeling approach for Task "Who rated what?" of the KDD CUP 2007 [57]
Jorge Sueiras, Alfonso Salafranca and Jose Luis Florez

Predicting Who Rated What in Largescale Datasets [62]
Yan Liu and Zhenzhen Kou

Making the Most of Your Data: KDD Cup 2007 "How Many Ratings" Winner's Report [66]
Saharon Rosset, Claudia Perlich and Yan Liu

A combination of approaches to solve Task "How Many Ratings?" of the KDD CUP 2007 [70]
Jorge Sueiras, Daniel Velez and Jose Luis Florez

Lessons from the Netflix Prize Challenge [75]
Robert M. Bell and Yehuda Koren

Major components of the Gravity Recommendation System [80]
Gabor Takacs, Istvan Pilaszy, Bottyan Nemeth and Domonkos Tikk

DDDM2007: Domain Driven Data Mining [84]
Longbing Cao, Philip S. Yu, Chengqi Zhang, Yanchang Zhao, Graham Williams

WebKDD/SNAKDD 2007: Web Mining and Social Network Analysis - Post Workshop Report [ [87]
Haizheng Zhang, John Yen, C. Lee Giles, Bamshad Mombaster, Myra Spiliopoulou, Jaideep Srivastava, Olfa Nasraoui and Andrew McCallum

PinKDD'07: Privacy, Security, and Trust in KDD PostWorkshop Report [93]
Francesco Bonchi, Elena Ferrari, Bradley Malin and Yucel Saygin

ADKDD2007: Data Mining and Audience Intelligence for Advertising [96]
Ying Li, Arun C. Surendran and Dou Shen


Interview with Jon Kleinberg [47]
Gregory Piatetsky

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