KDD Cup is the annual Data Mining and Knowledge Discovery competition organized by ACM Special Interest Group on Knowledge Discovery and Data Mining, the leading professional organization of data miners. Year to year archives including datasets, instructions, and winners are available for most years.
KDD Cup 2016Whose papers are accepted the most: towards measuring the impact of research institutions
KDD Cup 2014Predict funding requests that deserve an A+
KDD Cup 2013 (Track 2)Identify which authors correspond to the same person
KDD Cup 2013 (Track 1)Determine whether an author has written a given paper
KDD Cup 2012 (Track 2)Predict the click-through rate of ads given the query and user information
KDD Cup 2012 (Track 1)Predict which users (or information sources) one user might follow in Tencent Weibo
KDD Cup 2011Predict music ratings and identify favorite songs
KDD Cup 2010Student performance evaluation
KDD Cup 2009Customer relationship prediction
KDD Cup 2008Breast cancer
KDD Cup 2007Consumer recommendations
KDD Cup 2006Pulmonary embolisms detection from image data
KDD Cup 2005Internet user search query categorization
KDD Cup 2004Particle physics; plus protein homology prediction
KDD Cup 2003Network mining and usage log analysis
KDD Cup 2002BioMed document; plus gene role classification
KDD Cup 2001Molecular bioactivity; plus protein locale prediction
KDD Cup 2000Online retailer website clickstream analysis
KDD Cup 1999Computer network intrusion detection
KDD Cup 1998Direct marketing for profit optimization
KDD Cup 1997Direct marketing for lift curve optimization