SIGKDD Explorations

December 2003, Volume 5, Issue 2

Editor in Chief

Sunita Sarawagi (I.I.T. Bombay)

Associate Editors

Paul Bradley (Apollo Data Technologies)
Usama Fayyad (DMX Group)

Guest Editors

Gregory Piatetsky-Shapiro (KDnuggets U. Mass Lowell)
Pablo Tamayo (MIT Broad Institute)

December 2003, Volume 5, Issue 2


Microarray Data Mining: Facing the Challenges [1]
Gregory Piatetsky-Shapiro and Pablo Tamayo

A Novel Approach to Determine Normal Variation in Gene Expression Data [6]
V. Nadimpally and M. Zaki

Gene Ranking Using Bootstrapped P-values [16]
S. N. Mukherjee, P. Skykacek, S. J. Roberts, S. J. Gurr

Improving Classification of Microarray Data using Prototype-based Feature Selection [23]
B. Hanczar, M. Courtine, A. Benis, C. Hennegar, K. Clément, J.-D. Zucker

Supervised Analysis When the Number of Candidate Features (p) Greatly Exceeds The Number of Cases (n) [31]
R. Simon

Differential Expression, Class Discovery and Class Prediction using S-PLUS and S+ArrayAnalyzer [38]
M. O'Connell

Machine Learning Methods Applied to DNA Microarray Data Can Improve the Diagnosis of Cancer [48]
E. Bair and R. Tibshirani

Loss-Based Estimation with Cross-Validation: Applications to Microarray Data Analysis [56]
S. Dudoit, M. J. van der Laan, S. Keles, A. M. Molinaro, S. E. Sinisi, S. L. Teng

Classification of Heterogeneous Gene Expression Data [69]
B. Y. M. Fung and V. T. Y. Ng

Toward Interactive Exploration of Gene Expression Patterns [79]
D. Jiang, J. Pei, A. Zhang

Graphical Modeling Based Gene Interaction Analysis for Microarray Data [91]
X. Wu, Y. Ye, L. Zhang

Meta-Clustering of Gene Expression Data and Literature-based Information [101]
P. Glenisson, J. Mathys, B. De Moor

Mining Biologically Active Patterns in Metabolic Pathways using Microarray Expression Profiles [113]
H. Mamitsuka, Y. Okuno, A. Yamaguchi

Statistical Methods for Joint Data Mining of Gene Expression and DNA Sequence Data [122]
M. D. Curran, H. Liu, F. Long, N. Ge

Machine Learning in Low-Level Microarray Analysis [130]
B. I. P Rubinstein, J. McAuliffe, S. Cawley, M. Palaniswami, K. Ramamohanarao, T. P. Speed

"In vivo" Spam Filtering: A Challenge Problem for KDD [140]
T. Fawcett


Overview of the KDD Cup 2003 [149]
J. Gehrke, P. Ginsparg, J. Kleinberg

Citation Prediction Using Time Series Approach KDD Cup 2003 (Task 1) [152]
Manjunatha J. N., Sivaramakrishnan K. R., R. K. Pandey, M. Narasimha Murthy

Predicting citation rates for physics papers: Constructing features for an ordered probit model [154]
C. Perlich, F. Provost, S. Macskassy

A Data Cleaning Solution by Perl Scripts for the KDD Cup 2003 Task 2 [158]
M. Cadot and J. di Martino

The Download Estimation Task on KDD Cup 2003 [160]
J. Brank and J. Leskovec

Model Builder for Predictive Analytics and Fair Isaac's Approach to KDD Cup 2003 [163]
J. Carleton, D. Hartnett, J. Milana, M. Momma, J. Sirosh, G. Surpi

Exploiting Relational Structure to Understand Publication Patterns in High-Energy Physics [165]
A. McGovern, L. Friedland, M. Hay, B. Gallagher, A. Fast, J. Neville, D. Jensen

Using Unsupervised Link Discovery Methods to Find Interesting Facts and Connections in Bibliography Dataset [173]
S. Lin and H. Chalupsky

The Myth of the Double-Blind Review? Author Identification Using Only Citations [179]
S. Hill and F. Provost

EqRank: A Self-Consistent Equivalence Relation on Graph Vertexes [185]
G. Pivovarov, S. Trunov

Summary from the KDD-03 Panel -- Data Mining: The Next 10 Years [191]
U. M. Fayyad, G. Piatetsky-Shapiro, R. Uthurusamy

KDD-2003 Workshop on Data Mining Standards, Services and Platforms (DM-SSP 03) [197]
R. Grossman

Data Mining in Bioinformatics: Report on BIOKDD '03 [198]
M. J. Zaki, J. T. L. Wang, H. T. T. Toivonen

Multirelational Data Mining 2003: Workshop Report [200]

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