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ASONAM ‘17- Proceedings of the 2017 IEEE/ACM International Conference on Advances in Social Networks Analysis and Mining 2017

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Discovering High-Value Information from Crowdsourcing

  • Ying Zhao
  • Douglas J. MacKinnon
  • Charles C. Zhou

datumPIPE: Data Generator and Corrupter for Multiple Data Quality Aspects

  • Samir Al-janabi
  • Abubaker Hamid
  • Ryszard Janicki

ClassStrength: A Multilingual Tool for Tweets Classification

  • Walid Magdy
  • Mohamed Eldesouky

CES: A System for Community Evaluation

  • Bin Wu
  • Xuesong Tong
  • Qian Guo

Image4Act: Online Social Media Image Processing for Disaster Response

  • Firoj Alam
  • Muhammad Imran
  • Ferda Ofli

SESSION: ASONAM: Social Media Analysis (I)

Discovery, Retrieval, and Analysis of the ‘Star Wars’ Botnet in Twitter

  • Juan Echeverria
  • Shi Zhou

The Effect of Population Control Policies on Societal Fragmentation

  • Zvi Lotker
  • David Peleg

Understanding and Classifying Online Amputee Users on Reddit

  • Xing Yu
  • Erin Brady

DBSTexC: Density-Based Spatio-Textual Clustering on Twitter

  • Minh D. Nguyen
  • Won-Yong Shin

Mining Twitter and Taxi Data for Predicting Taxi Pickup Hotspots

  • Sankarshan Mridha
  • Sayan Ghosh
  • Robin Singh
  • Sourangshu Bhattacharya
  • Niloy Ganguly

SESSION: ASONAM: Graph Modeling Analysis (I)

HyperHeadTail: a Streaming Algorithm for Estimating the Degree Distribution of Dynamic Multigraphs

  • Andrew Stolman
  • Kevin Matulef

Deep Network Embedding with Aggregated Proximity Preserving

  • Xiao Shen
  • Fu-lai Chung

Edge Sample and Discard: A New Algorithm for Counting Triangles in Large Dynamic Graphs

  • Guyue Han
  • Harish Sethu

On Link Formation in Heterogeneous Information Networks: A View Based on Multi-Label Learning

  • Ke-Jia Chen
  • Shijun Xue
  • Yun Li
  • Bin Liu

Flow-Aware Vertex Protection Strategy on Large Social Networks

  • Arie Wahyu Wijayanto
  • Tsuyoshi Murata

SESSION: PhD Forum Papers

Ranking Content based on Semantic Dimensions: A Multi-objective Approach

  • Jason Cohn
  • Siddharth Muthukumaran
  • Larry Birnbaum

Predicting User-Interactions on Reddit

  • Maria Glenski
  • Tim Weninger


From Secrete Admirer to Cyberstalker: A Measure of Online Interpersonal Surveillance

  • Zijian Zhang
  • Jiamou Liu
  • Ziheng Wei
  • Yingying Tao
  • Quan Bai

Method for Estimating the Eigenvectors of a Scaled Laplacian Matrix Using the Resonance of Oscillation Dynamics on Networks

  • Satoshi Furutani
  • Chisa Takano
  • Masaki Aida

Identifying and Predicting Temporal Change of Basic Human Values from Social Network Usage

  • Md. Saddam Hossain Mukta
  • Mohammed Eunus Ali
  • Jalal Mahmud

Understanding Psycho-Sociological Vulnerability of ISIS Patronizers in Twitter

  • Aishwarya N. Reganti
  • Tushar Maheshwari
  • Amitava Das
  • Tanmoy Chakraborthy
  • Ponnurangam Kumaraguru

A Parallel Framework for Large-scale Multidimensional Heterogeneous Network Analysis

  • Zixing Zhang
  • Bin Wu
  • Zeao Wang

Measurement of Online Discussion Authenticity within Online Social Media

  • Aviad Elyashar
  • Jorge Bendahan
  • Rami Puzis
  • Maria-Amparo Sanmateu

Personalized Mood Prediction Over Online Social Networks: Data Analysis on Cyber-Social-Physical Dimensions

  • Chaima Dhahri
  • Kazunori Matsumoto
  • Keiichiro Hoashi

Personas for Content Creators via Decomposed Aggregate Audience Statistics

  • Jisun An
  • Haewoon Kwak
  • Bernard J. Jansen

Learning the Implicit Preference of Users for Effective Recommendation

  • Rana Forsati
  • Iman Barjasteh
  • Dennis Ross
  • Abdol-Hossein Esfahanian

The Analysis on Power Migration: The Relationship Between Progeny Networks and Geographical Interlocking Shareholdings

  • Jun-Home Chen
  • Jyi-Shane Liu

Characterizing protected areas management using ego-networks

  • Andreea Nita
  • Steluta Manolache
  • Cristiana Maria Ciocanea
  • Laurentiu Rozylowicz

SESSION: ASONAM: Social Influence (I)

Influence Maximization Meets Efficiency and Effectiveness: A Hop-Based Approach

  • Jing Tang
  • Xueyan Tang
  • Junsong Yuan

Do Sticky Elites Produce Online Knowledge of Higher Quality?

  • Sorin Adam Matei
  • Amani Abu Jabal
  • Elisa Bertino

Fast Estimation of Closeness Centrality Ranking

  • Akrati Saxena
  • Ralucca Gera
  • S. R. S. Iyengar

Rumor Source Detection in Finite Graphs with Boundary Effects by Message-passing Algorithms

  • Pei-Duo Yu
  • Chee Wei Tan
  • Hung-Lin Fu

On the Robustness of Influence Maximization Algorithms against Non-Adversarial Perturbations

  • Sho Tsugawa
  • Hiroyuki Ohsaki

SESSION: ASONAM: Social Media Analysis (II)

Interpretation of Semantic Tweet Representations

  • J. Ganesh
  • Manish Gupta
  • Vasudeva Varma

Which friends are more popular than you?: Contact strength and the friendship paradox in social networks

  • James P. Bagrow
  • Christopher M. Danforth
  • Lewis Mitchell

On Quantifying Predictability in Online Social Media Cascades Using Entropy

  • Naimisha Kolli
  • N. Balakrishnan
  • K. R. Ramakrishnan

Towards Diversified Local Users Identification Using Location Based Social Networks

  • Chao Huang
  • Dong Wang
  • Shenglong Zhu

Optimizing the Effectiveness of Incentivized Social Sharing

  • Joseph J. Pfeiffer, III
  • Elena Zheleva

WORKSHOP SESSION: Social Network Analysis in Applications (SNAA 2017)

Extracting Placeness from Social Media: an Ontology-Based System

  • Jee Jung Choi
  • Jungmin Kim
  • Heungseok Park
  • Wonjae Lee

MCEIL: An Improved Scoring Function for Overlapping Community Detection using Seed Expansion Methods

  • Prathamesh Deshpande
  • Balaraman Ravindran

Identifying Traits of Leaders in Movement Initiation

  • Chainarong Amornbunchornvej
  • Margaret C. Crofoot
  • Tanya Y. Berger-Wolf

Ego-betweenness centrality in link streams

  • Marwan Ghanem
  • Florent Coriat
  • Lionel Tabourier

Adaptive Community Detection Incorporating Topology and Content in Social Networks

  • Meng Qin
  • Di Jin
  • Dongxiao He
  • Bogdan Gabrys
  • Katarzyna Musial

A Community Bridge Boosting Social Network Link Prediction Model

  • Fei Gao
  • Katarzyna Musial
  • Bogdan Gabrys

A Generative Model for the Layers of Terrorist Networks

  • Oludare Adeniji
  • David S. Cohick
  • Ralucca Gera
  • Victor G. Castro
  • Akrati Saxena

Identifying Policy Agenda Sub-Topics in Political Tweets based on Community Detection

  • Rohit Iyer
  • Johnny Wong
  • Wallapak Tavanapong
  • David A. M. Peterson

SESSION: ASONAM: Graph Modeling Analysis (II)

Organizational Tie (De)activation During Crisis

  • Sean M. Fitzhugh
  • Arwen H. DeCostanza

A Unified Framework to Estimate Global and Local Graphlet Counts for Streaming Graphs

  • Xiaowei Chen
  • John C.S. Lui

Observe Locally Rank Globally

  • Akrati Saxena
  • Ralucca Gera
  • S. R. S. Iyengar

Improved Stance Prediction in a User Similarity Feature Space

  • Kareem Darwish
  • Walid Magdy
  • Tahar Zanouda

A Dynamic Algorithm for Updating Katz Centrality in Graphs

  • Eisha Nathan
  • David A. Bader

SESSION: ASONAM: User Profiling & Modeling Modeling

Finding topical experts in Twitter via query-dependent personalized PageRank

  • Preethi Lahoti
  • Gianmarco De Francisci Morales
  • Aristides Gionis

Identity vs. Attribute Disclosure Risks for Users with Multiple Social Profiles

  • Athanasios Andreou
  • Oana Goga
  • Patrick Loiseau

TrollSpot: Detecting misbehavior in commenting platforms

  • Tai Ching Li
  • Joobin Gharibshah
  • Evangelos E. Papalexakis
  • Michalis Faloutsos

Simultaneous Inference of User Representations and Trust

  • Shashank Gupta
  • Pulkit Parikh
  • Manish Gupta
  • Vasudeva Varma

From Retweet to Believability: Utilizing Trust to Identify Rumor Spreaders on Twitter

  • Bhavtosh Rath
  • Wei Gao
  • Jing Ma
  • Jaideep Srivastava

WORKSHOP SESSION: Mining and Analyzing Social Network for Decision Support (MSNDS 2017)

Case Study of Fake Web Reviews

  • Li-Chen Cheng
  • Judy C. R. Tseng
  • Tsai-Yu Chung

Explore users’ preference from Facebook fan pages

  • Li-Chen Cheng
  • Pin-Yi Li
  • Ssu-Hua Chen

Increasing Coverage of Information Diffusion Processes by Reducing the Number of Initial Seeds

  • Jarosław Jankowski
  • Radosław Michalski
  • Piotr Bródka
  • Artur Karczmarczyk

Mining Actor-level Structural and Neighborhood Evolution for Link Prediction in Dynamic Networks

  • Nazim Choudhury
  • Shahadat Uddin

Temporal and Sentimental Analysis of A Real Case of Fake Reviews in Taiwan

  • Chih-Chien Wang
  • Min-Yuh Day
  • Chien-Chang Chen
  • Jai-Wei Liou

Temporal Model of the Online Customer Review Helpfulness Prediction

  • Shih-Hung Wu
  • Yi-Hsiang Hsieh
  • Liang-Pu Chen
  • Ping-Che Yang
  • Liu Fanghuizhu

The Impact of Social Media on Leetchi Crowdfunding Projects Success

  • Karina Sokolova
  • Charles Perez

Predicting Stock Close Price Using Microsoft Azure

  • Arijit Chatterjee
  • Kendall Nygard

A Study on the Correlation between Breast Cancer and Air pollution

  • Kuo.-Chung. Chu
  • Min.-Yang. Xiao

A Study of Deep Learning to Sentiment Analysis on Word of Mouth of Smart Bracelet

  • Min-Yuh Day
  • Hung-Chou Teng

A social network approach to diagnose public participation in protected areas management: Insights from a Natura 2000 case study

  • Andreea Nita
  • Cristiana Maria Ciocanea
  • Steluta Manolache
  • Laurentiu Rozylowicz

SESSION: ASONAM: Social Media Analysis (III)

Analyzing the Use of Twitter to Disseminate Visual Impairments Awareness Information

  • Majed Al Zayer
  • Mehmet H. Gunes

Longitudinal Modeling of Social Media with Hawkes Process Based on Users and Networks

  • P. K. Srijith
  • Michal Lukasik
  • Kalina Bontcheva
  • Trevor Cohn

The Role of Different Tie Strength in Disseminating Different Topics on a Microblog

  • Felicia Natali
  • Kathleen M. Carley
  • Feida Zhu
  • Binxuan Huang

Text Watermarking in Social Media

  • Stefano Giovanni Rizzo
  • Flavio Bertini
  • Danilo Montesi
  • Carlo Stomeo

Unbiased Sampling of Social Media Networks for Well-connected Subgraphs

  • Dong Wang
  • Zhenyu Li
  • Gareth Tyson
  • Zhenhua Li
  • Gaogang Xie

SESSION: ASONAM: Graph Modeling Analysis (III)

An Analysis of Citation Recommender Systems: Beyond the Obvious

  • Haofeng Jia
  • Erik Saule

Real-Time Targeted-Influence Queries over Large Graphs

  • Alessandro Epasto
  • Ahmad Mahmoody
  • Eli Upfal

Diving Deep into Clickbaits: Who Use Them to What Extents in Which Topics with What Effects?

  • Md Main Uddin Rony
  • Naeemul Hassan
  • Mohammad Yousuf

Network analysis of NIH grant critiques

  • Dastagiri Reddy Malikireddy
  • Madeline Jens
  • Amarette Filut
  • Anupama Bhattacharya
  • Elizabeth L. Pier
  • You Geon Lee
  • Molly Carnes
  • Anna Kaatz

Expertise Discovery in Decentralised Online Social Networks

  • Safina Showkat Ara
  • Subhasis Thakur
  • John G. Breslin

WORKSHOP SESSION: Teaching, Learning, and Social Networks (TeLeSoN -2017)

Learning Management Systems and the integration with social media services: a case study

  • Andrea Molinari

SOPPIA: Social Opportunistic Intelligent Ambient of Learning

  • Paúl E. Vintimilla-Tapia
  • Jack F. Bravo-Torres
  • Pablo L. Gallegos-Segovia
  • Esteban F. Ordóñez-Morales
  • Martín López-Nores
  • Yolanda Blanco-Fernández

Towards a Social Trust Based Measure of Scientific Productivity

  • Avijit Gayen
  • Maitry Bhavsar
  • Joydeep Chandra

Social networking service (SNS) enhancing the learning environment of youth: As an effective tool: Extended Abstract

  • Sakhila Thapa

WORKSHOP SESSION: Social Network Analysis Surveillance Techniques (SNAST 2017)

Deep Neural Networks for Automatic Android Malware Detection

  • Shifu Hou
  • Aaron Saas
  • Lingwei Chen
  • Yanfang Ye
  • Thirimachos Bourlai

Suspicious FQDN Evaluation based on Variations in Malware Download URLs

  • Yasuyuki Tanaka
  • Atsuhiro Goto

A Parallel Network Community Detection Algorithm Based on Distance Dynamics

  • Bin Wu
  • Cuiyun Zhang
  • Qian Guo

Collective classification in social networks

  • Omar Jaafor
  • Babiga Birregah

SESSION: ASONAM: Machine Learning & Data Mining (I)

Identifying On-time Reward Delivery Projects with Estimating Delivery Duration on Kickstarter

  • Thanh Tran
  • Kyumin Lee
  • Nguyen Vo
  • Hongkyu Choi

Don’t Walk, Skip!: Online Learning of Multi-scale Network Embeddings

  • Bryan Perozzi
  • Vivek Kulkarni
  • Haochen Chen
  • Steven Skiena

Revisiting Resolution and Inter-Layer Coupling Factors in Modularity for Multilayer Networks

  • Alessia Amelio
  • Andrea Tagarelli

Social Media in State Politics: Mining Policy Agendas Topics

  • Lei Qi
  • Rihui Li
  • Johnny Wong
  • Wallapak Tavanapong
  • David A. M. Peterson

Principal Patern Mining on Graphs

  • Chun-Yen Kuo
  • Mi-Yen Yeh
  • Jian Pei

WORKSHOP SESSION: Social Influence (SI 2017)

Propagator or Influencer?: A Data-driven Approach for Evaluating Emotional Effect in Online Information Diffusion

  • Jun Yang
  • Zhaoguo Wang
  • Fangchun Di
  • Liyue Chen
  • Chengqi Yi
  • Yibo Xue
  • Jun Li

Diffusion Algorithms in Multimedia Social Networks: a preliminary model

  • Flora Amato
  • Vincenzo Moscato
  • Antonio Picariello
  • Giancarlo Sperlí

Data-Driven Models for Individual and Group Decision Making

  • Chantal Nguyen
  • Kimberly J. Schlesinger
  • Jean M. Carlson

Social Influence Diffusion and Coordinated Decision Making on Networks

  • Wynn C. Stirling
  • Luca Tummolini

Three is The Answer: Combining Relationships to Analyze Multilayered Terrorist Networks

  • Ralucca Gera
  • Ryan Miller
  • Akrati Saxena
  • Miguel MirandaLopez
  • Scott Warnke

SESSION: ASONAM: Community Detection Analysis (I)

Streaming Graph Sampling with Size Restrictions

  • Anita Zakrzewska
  • David A. Bader

MCDA: A Parameterless Algorithm for Detecting Communities in Multidimensional Networks

  • Oualid Boutemine
  • Mohamed Bouguessa

Using Community Structure to Categorize Computer Science Conferences: Initial Results

  • Suhendry Effendy
  • Roland H. C. Yap

InferIP: Extracting actionable information from security discussion forums

  • Joobin Gharibshah
  • Tai Ching Li
  • Maria Solanas Vanrell
  • Andre Castro
  • Konstantinos Pelechrinis
  • Evangelos E. Papalexakis
  • Michalis Faloutsos

Attributed Graph Clustering: an Attribute-aware Graph Embedding Approach

  • Esra Akbas
  • Peixiang Zhao


Prediction of Symptom-Disease Links in Online Health Forums

  • Esra Gündoğan
  • Buket Kaya
  • Mehmet Kaya

Social-Network Analysis for Pain Medications: Influential physicians may not be high-volume prescribers

  • Abhinav Choudhury
  • Shruti Kaushik
  • Varun Dutt

The Evolution of Adolescent’s Friendship Networks with Body Mass Index

  • Chyi-In Wu

Effectiveness of Mobile Electrocardiogram in Healthcare: From Mobile Application and Development to Community Reaction

  • Ahmad Kassem
  • Umut Ozan Yildirim
  • Kadir Anil Turğut
  • Uffe Kock Wiil
  • Tansel Özyer
  • Reda Alhajj

Using Modular Ontologies to Capture Causal Knowledge contained in Bayesian Networks

  • Hengyi Hu
  • Amr Hassam Elrafey
  • Larry Kerschberg

Mapping ECG Signals on Variant Maps

  • Zhihui Hou
  • Jeffery Zheng

Mining Frequency of Drug Side Effects over a Large Twitter Dataset Using Apache Spark

  • Dennis Hsu
  • Melody Moh
  • Teng-Sheng Moh

Edge-weighting Hyperlink-Induced Topic Search (E-HITS) Algorithm

  • Tran Trong Hoa
  • Nguyen Ngoc Ha

SESSION: ASONAM: Agent, Sentiment and Label Analysis

Rearrange Social Overloaded Posts to Prevent Social Overload

  • Yun-Yen Chuang
  • Hung-Min Hsu
  • Tsui-Ying Lin
  • Ray-I Chang

Anomalous Reviews Owing to Referral Incentive

  • Noor Abu-El-Rub
  • Amanda Minnich
  • Abdullah Mueen

Analyzing Disproportionate Reaction via Comparative Multilingual Targeted Sentiment in Twitter

  • Karin Sim Smith
  • Richard McCreadie
  • Craig Macdonald
  • Iadh Ounis

On the Influence of Emotional Valence Shifts on the Spread of Information in Social Networks

  • Ema Kušen
  • Mark Strembeck
  • Giuseppe Cascavilla
  • Mauro Conti

EmotionSensing: Predicting Mobile User Emotion

  • Mahnaz Roshanaei
  • Richard Han
  • Shivakant Mishra

SESSION: ASONAM: Behavior Analysis (I)

One Size Does Not Fit All: Profiling Personalized Time-Evolving User Behaviors

  • Pravallika Devineni
  • Evangelos E. Papalexakis
  • Danai Koutra
  • A. Seza Doğruöz
  • Michalis Faloutsos

Transfer Learning for Multi-language Twitter Election Classification

  • Xiao Yang
  • Richard McCreadie
  • Craig Macdonald
  • Iadh Ounis

Of Bots and Humans (on Twitter)

  • Zafar Gilani
  • Reza Farahbakhsh
  • Gareth Tyson
  • Liang Wang
  • Jon Crowcroft

Who Will Stop Contributing?: Predicting Inactive Editors in Wikipedia

  • Harish Arelli
  • Francesca Spezzano

You Shall Know a Place by the Conversations it Seeds

  • Syed Fahad Sultan
  • Hicham G. Elmongui
  • Sohaib Ahmad Khan

Revealing and Detecting Malicious Retweeter Groups

  • Nguyen Vo
  • Kyumin Lee
  • Cheng Cao
  • Thanh Tran
  • Hongkyu Choi

SESSION: FAB 2017: Prediction and Recommendation

Combining structural and dynamic information to predict activity in link streams

  • Thibaud Arnoux
  • Lionel Tabourier
  • Matthieu Latapy

Dynamic Social Recommendation

  • Giuseppe Sansonetti
  • Davide Feltoni Gurini
  • Fabio Gasparetti
  • Alessandro Micarelli

Cricket World Cup 2015: Predicting User’s Orientation through Mix Tweets on Twitter Platform

  • Apalak Khatua
  • Aparup Khatua

A Supervised Learning Method for Prediction Citation Count of Scientists in Citation Networks

  • Ertan Bütün
  • Mehmet Kaya
  • Reda Alhajj

A Novel Method for Event Recommendation in Meetup

  • Ahmet Anil Müngen
  • Mehmet Kaya

SESSION: ASONAM: Community Detection Analysis (II)

Efficiently Clustering Very Large Attributed Graphs

  • Alessandro Baroni
  • Alessio Conte
  • Maurizio Patrignani
  • Salvatore Ruggieri

Medical Persona Classification in Social Media

  • Nikhil Pattisapu
  • Manish Gupta
  • Ponnurangam Kumaraguru
  • Vasudeva Varma

Community Detection in Evolving Networks

  • Tejas Puranik
  • Lata Narayanan

Extracting Social Lists from Twitter

  • Ankan Mullick
  • Pawan Goyal
  • Niloy Ganguly
  • Manish Gupta

Community detection methods can discover better structural clusters than ground-truth communities

  • Vinh-Loc Dao
  • Cécile Bothorel
  • Philippe Lenca

SESSION: FAB 2017: Community Detection

An Evolutionary Approach for Detecting Communities in Social Networks

  • Koray Ozturk
  • Faruk Polat
  • Tansel Ozyer

Re-imaginig the Networks: Detecting Local Communities in Networks by Approximating Derivatives in Graph Space

  • M. Amin Rigi
  • Irene Moser
  • Seddigh Rigi
  • Chengfei Liu

Fast Heuristic Algorithm for Multi-scale Hierarchical Community Detection

  • Eduar Castrillo
  • Elizabeth León
  • Jonatan Gómez

Efficient Data Dissemination in Distributed Social Networks

  • Esra Erdin
  • Mehmet Hadi Gunes

Anomaly Detection on Big Data in Financial Markets

  • Mohiuddin Ahmed
  • Nazim Choudhury
  • Shahadat Uddin

SESSION: FAB 2017: Machine Learning Methods

Link Clustering for Extracting Collaborative Patterns in a Scientific Co-Authored Network

  • Erick Stattner
  • Martine Collard

Efficient Implementation of Anchored 2-core Algorithm

  • Babak Tootoonchi
  • Venkatesh Srinivasan
  • Alex Thomo

Context Similarity for Retrieval-Based Imputation

  • Ahmad Ahmadov
  • Maik Thiele
  • Wolfgang Lehner
  • Robert Wrembel

Efficient Mining of ‘Following’ Patterns from Very Big but Sparse Social Networks

  • Carson K. Leung
  • Fan Jiang

Automatic Construction of an Emoji Sentiment Lexicon

  • Mayu Kimura
  • Marie Katsurai

Mapping Whole DNA Sequence on Variant Maps

  • Yuyuan Mao
  • Jeffrey Zheng
  • Wenjia Liu

SESSION: ASONAM: Recommender System

Semi-supervised Collaborative Ranking with Push at the Top

  • Rana Forsati
  • Iman Barjasteh
  • Abdol-Hossein Esfahanian

Cyberbullying Detection with Weakly Supervised Machine Learning

  • Elaheh Raisi
  • Bert Huang

Reveal: Fine-grained Recommendations in Online Social Networks

  • Markos Aivazoglou
  • Orestis Roussos
  • Sotiris Ioannidis
  • Dimitris Spiliotopoulos
  • Jason Polakis

REACT: REcommending Access Control decisions To social media users

  • Gaurav Misra
  • Jose M. Such

Identifying Post-Disaster Resource Needs and Availabilities from Microblogs

  • Moumita Basu
  • Kripabandhu Ghosh
  • Somenath Das
  • Ratnadeep Dey
  • Somprakash Bandyopadhyay
  • Saptarshi Ghosh

SESSION: ASONAM: Behavior Analysis (II)

An Empirical Study on Team Formation in Online Games

  • Essa Alhazmi
  • Sameera Horawalavithana
  • John Skvoretz
  • Jeremy Blackburn
  • Adriana Iamnitchi

Towards Understanding Crisis Events On Online Social Networks Through Pictures

  • Prateek Dewan
  • Anshuman Suri
  • Varun Bharadhwaj
  • Aditi Mithal
  • Ponnurangam Kumaraguru

Exploring Social Media for Event Attendance

  • Vinicius Monteiro de Lira
  • Craig Macdonald
  • Iadh Ounis
  • Raffaele Perego
  • Chiara Renso
  • Valeria Cesario Times

Book Reading Behavior on Goodreads Can Predict the Amazon Best Sellers

  • Suman Kalyan Maity
  • Abhishek Panigrahi
  • Animesh Mukherjee

Investigating selection behavior of new and old users in online emerging user-object networks

  • Anita Chandra
  • Himanshu Garg
  • Abyayananda Maiti

SESSION: FAB 2017: Social Network Applications

Stationary Randomness of Quantum Cryptographic Sequences on Variant Maps

  • Jeffrey Zheng
  • Chris Zheng

Content Driven Profile Matching across Online Social Networks

  • Robert Roedler
  • Dennis Kergl
  • Gabi Dreo Rodosek

Big Data and Graph Theoretic Models: Simulating the Impact of Collateralization on a Financial System

  • Sharyn O’Halloran
  • Nikolai Nowaczyk
  • Donal Gallagher

Cryptographic Sequence on Variant Maps

  • Zhonghao Yang


The Impact of Social Curiosity on Information Spreading on Networks

  • Didier A. Vega-Oliveros
  • Lilian Berton
  • Federico Vazquez
  • Francisco A. Rodrigues

BotWalk: Efficient Adaptive Exploration of Twitter Bot Networks

  • Amanda Minnich
  • Nikan Chavoshi
  • Danai Koutra
  • Abdullah Mueen

Information Diffusion and Economic Development

  • Chris Smith-Clarke
  • Licia Capra

Temporal Pattern of (Re)tweets Reveal Cascade Migration

  • Ayan Kumar Bhowmick
  • Martin Gueuning
  • Jean-Charles Delvenne
  • Renaud Lambiotte
  • Bivas Mitra

SESSION: FOSINT-SI 2017: Social Network Applications

Estimating users’ mode transition functions and activity levels from social media

  • Hamilton Link
  • Jeremy D. Wendt
  • Richard V. Field
  • Jocelyn Marthe

Comparing SVD and word2vec for analysis of malware forum posts

  • Nasser Alsadhan
  • David Skillicorn
  • Richard Frank

From Social Media Analysis to Ubiquitous Event Monitoring: The case of Turkish Tweets

  • Ahmet Enis Erdoğan
  • Tolga Yilmaz
  • Onur Can Sert
  • Mirun Akyüz
  • Tansel Özyer
  • Reda Alhajj

Predicting Friendship Strength for Privacy Preserving: A Case Study on Facebook

  • Nitish Dhakal
  • Francesca Spezzano
  • Dianxiang Xu

Using supervised machine learning algorithms to detect suspicious URLs in online social networks

  • Mohammed Al-Janabi
  • Ed de Quincey
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