SIGKDD Executive Committee Call for Nominations

Dear SIGKDD members,

Hope everything is well during this extraordinary time. Time flies! The term of the current SIGKDD Executive Committee will end on June 30, 2021. According to the ACM rule, we need to prepare for the election early next year. The first step is to get a slate of capable candidates. We would like to make this process as transparent as possible. As the Nomination Committee Chair, I would like to ask SIGKDD members to nominate candidates for the following positions:

(1) SIGKDD Chair, (2) SIGKDD Secretary/Treasurer, and (3) SIGKDD Executive Committee members.

SIGKDD executive committee consists of 1 Chair, 1 Secretary/Treasurer, 6 committee members and one past Chair. All the positions are up for election except the past chair.

Please send your nominations to me ( by Nov 5, 2020. Self-nomination is allowed. In the nomination email, please use the subject line "SIGKDD Election nomination" and include the following information:

  1. Name and affiliation of the nominee.
  2. Position sought by nominee.
  3. Contact email of nominee.
  4. ACM professional member number and SIGKDD member number. All nominees must be members of the SIGKDD and Professional Members of ACM. If the nominee is not a member of SIGKDD or ACM yet, he/she must join by Nov 15, 2020.
  5. Qualification of the candidate and justification for the nomination.

From all the nominees, the Nomination Committee will choose a list of candidates to go for election.

Best regards,
Bing Liu

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