IDWorkshop NameCFPThemeFormat
FD-1KDD 2023 International Workshop on Data Science for Social Good (DSSG’23)Responsible AIFull Day
FD-2The 3rd Workshop on Graph Learning Benchmarks (GLB 2023)CFPGraphFull Day
FD-3epiDAMIK 6.0: The 6th International Workshop on Epidemiology meets Data Mining and Knowledge DiscoveryCFPBio/HealthFull Day
FD-4AdKDD 2023CFPRecommendationFull Day
FD-5International Workshop on Federated Learning for Distributed Data MiningCFPFull Day
FD-6Fragile Earth: AI for Climate Sustainability – from Wildfire Disaster Management to Public Health and BeyondCFPEnvironmentFull Day
FD-7Machine Learning in FinanceCFPFinanceFull Day
FD-8Deep Learning on Graphs: Methods and Applications (DLG-KDD2023)CFPGraphFull Day
FD-919th International Workshop on Mining and Learning with Graphs (MLG)CFPFull Day
FD-1022nd International Workshop on Data Mining in Bioinformatics (BIOKDD 2023)CFPBio/HealthFull Day
HD-1Workshop on Causal Discovery, Prediction and DecisionCFPCausalHalf Day
HD-2KDD 2023 Workshop on Data Science and AI for SportsCFPSportsHalf Day
HD-3The Second Workshop on Applied Machine Learning ManagementCFPHalf Day
HD-42nd ACM SIGKDD Workshop on Ethical Artificial Intelligence: Methods and Applications (EAI)CFPResponsible AIHalf Day
HD-5EvalRS 2023: Well-Rounded Recommender Systems For Real-World DeploymentsCFPRecommendationHalf Day
HD-6Workshop on Applied Data Science for Healthcare: Applications and New Frontiers of Generative Models for HealthcareCFPBio/HealthHalf Day
HD-7Causal Inference and Machine Learning in Practice: Use cases for Product, Brand, Policy, and beyondCFPCausalHalf Day
HD-8The 6th Workshop on e-Commerce and NLP (ECNLP 6)CFPNLPHalf Day
HD-9The 4th International Workshop on Talent and Management Computing (TMC’2023)CFPHalf Day
HD-10The Second Workshop on Knowledge-Augmented Methods for Natural Language ProcessingCFPNLPHalf Day
HD-113rd International Workshop on Knowledge-infused LearningCFPHalf Day
HD-12International Workshop on Multimodal Learning – 2023 Theme: Multimodal Learning with Foundation ModelsCFPHalf Day
HD-13Foundations and Applications in Large-scale AI Models: Pre-training, Fine-tuning, and Prompt-based LearningCFPHalf Day
HD-14The 9th SIGKDD International Workshop on Mining and Learning from Time SeriesCFPHalf Day
HD-15Robust NLP for Finance (RobustFin)CFPNLPHalf Day
HD-16The 3rd Workshop on Artificial Intelligence-enabled Cybersecurity AnalyticsCFPHalf Day
HD-17From Innovation to Scale (I2S)CFPHalf Day
HD-182nd Workshop on Uncertainty Reasoning and Quantification in Decision MakingCFPHalf Day
HD-19RelKD 2023: International Workshop on Resource-Efficient Learning for Knowledge DiscoveryCFPHalf Day
HD-20The 12th International Workshop on Urban ComputingCFPHalf Day
HD-21KDD-2023 Workshop on Decision Intelligence and Analytics for Online MarketplacesCFPFinanceHalf Day
HD-22Multi-Armed Bandits and Reinforcement Learning: Advancing Decision Making in E-Commerce and BeyondCFPFinanceHalf Day
HD-233rd Workshop on Online and Adaptive Recommender Systems (OARS)CFPRecommendationHalf Day
HD-242nd Workshop on End-End Customer Journey OptimizationCFPHalf Day