IDTutorial TitleFormatDayTime
LS-1Hyperbolic Graph Neural Networks: A Tutorial on Methods and ApplicationsLecture-StyleSunday, August 69am – 12pm
LS-7Trustworthy Transfer Learning: Transferability and TrustworthinessLecture-StyleSunday, August 69am – 12pm
HO-1Graph Neural Networks in TensorFlowHands-OnSunday, August 69am – 12pm
HO-2PyHealth: A Deep Learning Toolkit For Healthcare ApplicationsHands-OnSunday, August 69am – 12pm
HO-7Practical design of performant recommender systems using large-scale linear programming-based global inferenceHands-OnSunday, August 69am – 12pm
HO-4Addressing Bias and Fairness in Machine Learning: A Practical Guide and Hands-on TutorialHands-OnSunday, August 69am – 12pm
LS-2Causal Discovery from Temporal DataLecture-StyleSunday, August 61pm – 4pm
LS-3Trustworthy Machine Learning: Robustness, Generalization, and InterpretabilityLecture-StyleSunday, August 61pm – 4pm
LS-4XAI for Predictive MaintenanceLecture-StyleSunday, August 61pm – 4pm
LS-5Graph Neural Networks: Foundation, Frontiers and ApplicationsLecture-StyleSunday, August 61pm – 4pm
LS-6Mining of Real-world Hypergraphs: Patterns, Tools, and GeneratorsLecture-StyleSunday, August 61pm – 4pm
LS-8Uncertainty Quantification in Deep LearningLecture-StyleSunday, August 61pm – 4pm
HO-5Explanations in AI: Methods, Stakeholders and PitfallsHands-OnSunday, August 61pm – 4pm
LS-9Mining Electronic Health Records for Real-World EvidenceLecture-StyleTuesday, August 810am – 1pm
LS-11Fairness in Graph Machine Learning: Recent Advances and Future ProspectivesLecture-StyleTuesday, August 810am – 1pm
LS-13Fast Text Generation with Text-Editing ModelsLecture-StyleTuesday, August 810am – 1pm
HO-6AI Explainability 360 toolkit for Time-Series and Industrial use casesHands-OnTuesday, August 810am – 1pm
LS-10Data-centric AI: Techniques and Future PerspectivesLecture-StyleTuesday, August 82pm-5pm
LS-12Training Large-scale Foundation Models on Emerging AI ChipsLecture-StyleTuesday, August 82pm-5pm
LS-14How to DP-fy ML: A Practical Tutorial to Machine Learningwith Differential PrivacyLecture-StyleTuesday, August 82pm-5pm
HO-3GraphStorm an easy-to-use and scalable Graph Neural Network Framework: from beginners to heroesHands-OnTuesday, August 82pm-5pm
LS-15Pretrained Language Representations for Text Understanding: A Weakly-Supervised PerspectiveLecture-StyleWednesday, August 910am-1pm
LS-17Knowledge-augmented Graph Machine Learning for Drug Discovery: from Precision to InterpretabilityLecture-StyleWednesday, August 910am-1pm
LS-19Tutorial: Towards Next-Generation Intelligent Assistants leveraging LLM techniquesLecture-StyleWednesday, August 910am-1pm
LS-16Graph and Geometry Generative Modeling for Drug DiscoveryLecture-StyleWednesday, August 92pm-5pm
LS-18Socially Responsible Machine Learning: A Causal PerspectiveLecture-StyleWednesday, August 92pm-5pm
LS-20Large-Scale Graph Neural Networks: The Past and New FrontiersLecture-StyleWednesday, August 92pm-5pm
LS-21Precision Health in the Age of Large Language ModelsLecture-StyleThursday, August 1010am-1pm
LS-22Knowledge Graph Reasoning and Its ApplicationsLecture-StyleThursday, August 1010am-1pm
LS-23Generative AI meets Responsible AI: Practical Challenges and Lessons LearnedLecture-StyleThursday, August 1010am-1pm
LS-25GETTING AN h-INDEX OF 100 IN 20 YEARS OR LESS!Lecture-StyleThursday, August 1010am-1pm
LS-26Privacy in Advertising: Analytics and ModelingLecture-StyleThursday, August 1010am-1pm
LS-24Distributed Optimization for Big Data Analytics: Beyond MinimizationLecture-StyleThursday, August 1010am-1pm
HO-8Trustworthy Recommender Systems: Foundations and FrontiersHands-OnThursday, August 1010am-1pm