KDD 2022 Research Poster Assignments

6:00 pm to 7:30 pm on August 16

Poster Position ID Paper ID Paper Title
1 3 ERNet: Unsupervised Collective Extraction and Registration in Neuroimaging Data
2 51 Predicting Opinion Dynamics via Sociologically-Informed Neural Networks
3 97 CrossCBR: Cross-view Contrastive Learning for Bundle Recommendation
4 107 Intrinsic-Motivated Sensor Management: Exploring with Physical Surprise
5 148 Learning Fair Representation via Distributional Contrastive Disentanglement
6 150 Evaluating Knowledge Graph Accuracy Powered by Optimized Human-machine Collaboration
7 152 Learning to Rotate: Quaternion Transformer for Complicated Periodical Time Series Forecasting
8 155 Domain Adaptation with Dynamic Open-Set Targets
9 156 Modeling Network-level Traffic Flow Transitions on Sparse Data
10 165 Collaboration Equilibrium in Federated Learning
11 196 Detecting Arbitrary Order Beneficial Feature Interactions for Recommender Systems
12 209 MetroGAN: Simulating Urban Morphology with Generative Adversarial Network
13 214 Addressing Unmeasured Confounder for Recommendation with Sensitivity Analysis
14 219 What Makes Your Data Unavailable To Deep Learning?
15 227 Pairwise Adversarial Training for Unsupervised Class-imbalanced Domain Adaptation
16 266 Learning Differential Operators for Interpretable Time Series Modeling
17 296 HyperLogLogLog: Cardinality Estimation With One Log More
18 298 Sparse Conditional Hidden Markov Model for Weakly Supervised Named Entity Recognition
19 311 GPPT: Graph Pre-training and Prompt Tuning to Generalize Graph Neural Networks
20 321 Selective Cross-city Transfer Learning for Traffic Prediction via Source City Region Re-weighting
21 322 S2RL: Do We Really Need to Perceive All States in Deep Multi-Agent Reinforcement Learning?
22 333 Detecting Cash-out Users via Dense Subgraphs
23 358 Towards Representation Alignment and Uniformity in Collaborative Filtering
24 360 Connected Low-Loss Subspace Learning for a Personalization in Federated Learning
25 382 TransBO: Hyperparameter Optimization via Two-Phase Transfer Learning
26 398 pureGAM: Learning an Inherently Pure Additive Model
27 400 MetaV: A Meta-Verifier Approach to Task-Agnostic Model Fingerprinting
28 410 Graph-in-Graph Network for Automatic Gene Ontology Description Generation
29 414 Fair and interpretable models for survival analysis
30 419 Learned Token Reduction for Efficient Transformer Inference
31 433 Core-periphery Partitioning and Quantum Annealing
32 439 Active Model Adaptation Under Unknown Shift
33 449 Balancing Bias and Variance for Active Weakly Supervised Learning
34 462 Task-Adaptive Few-shot Node Classification
35 476 Importance Prioritized Policy Distillation
36 522 Synthesising Audio Adversarial Examples for Automatic Speech Recognition
37 525 Comprehensive Fair Meta-learned Recommender System
38 539 A Generalized Doubly Robust Learning Framework for Debiasing Post-Click Conversion Rate Prediction
39 565 Scaling Time Series Anomaly Detection to Trillions of Datapoints and Ultra-fast Arriving Data Streams
40 568 Core-periphery Models for Hypergraphs
41 576 Learning the Evolutionary and Multi-scale Graph Structure for Multivariate Time Series Forecasting
42 577 Multiplex Heterogeneous Graph Convolutional Network
43 606 Reinforcement Subgraph Reasoning for Fake News Detection
44 610 Group-wise Reinforcement Feature Generation for Optimal and Explainable Representation Space Reconstruction
45 631 Disentangled Heterogeneous Dynamic Graph Learning for Opioid Overdose Prediction
46 632 Geometer: Graph Few-Shot Class-Incremental Learning via Prototype Representation
47 634 Spatio-Temporal Graph Few-Shot Learning with Cross-City Knowledge Transfer
48 647 Training Graph Neural Networks in Extreme Low-Data Regime
49 665 SIPF: Sampling Method for Inverse Protein Folding
50 678 Antibody Complementarity Determining Regions (CDRs) design using Constrained Energy Model
51 679 JuryGCN: Quantifying Jackknife Uncertainty on Graph Convolutional Networks
52 681 Avoiding Biases due to Similarity Assumptions in Node Embeddings
53 694 SL-VAE: Variational Autoencoder for Source Localization in Graph Information Diffusion
54 704 Joint Knowledge Graph Completion and Question Answering
55 713 An Embedded Feature Selection Framework for Control
56 724 Learning Optimal Priors for Task-Invariant Representations in Variational Autoencoders
57 739 p-Meta: Towards On-device Deep Model Adaptation
58 749 Semantic Enhanced Text-to-SQL Parsing via Iteratively Learning Schema Linking Graph
59 757 Practical Counterfactual Policy Learning for Top-$K$ Recommendations
60 759 Global Self-Attention as a Replacement for Graph Convolution
61 767 Semisupervised Drifted Stream Learning with Short Lookback
62 773 Demystify Hyperparameters for Stochastic Optimization with Transferable Representations
63 779 Learning Causal Effects on Hypergraphs
64 789 ROLAND: Graph Learning Framework for Dynamic Graphs
65 811 Deep Representations for Time-varying Brain Datasets
66 814 Fair Representation Learning: An Alternative to Mutual Information
67 821 Efficient Join Order Selection Learning with Graph-based Representation
68 828 SagDRE: Sequence-Aware Graph-Based Document-Level Relation Extraction with Adaptive Margin Loss
69 839 Probing Schema Linking Information from Pre-trained Language Models for Text-to-SQL Parsing
70 854 CoRGi: Content-Rich Graph Neural Networks with Attention
71 902 RL2: A Call for Simultaneous Representation Learning and Rule Learning for Graph Streams
72 905 Variational Graph Author Topic Modeling
73 911 Contrastive Learning with Complex Heterogeneity
74 915 Neural Bandit with Arm Group Graph
75 916 Meta-Learned Metrics over Multi-Evolution Temporal Graphs
76 950 MT-FlowFormer: A Semi-Supervised Flow Transformer for Encrypted Traffic Classification
77 986 Dual Bidirectional Graph Convolutional Networks for Zero-shot Node Classification
78 989 Sample-Efficient Kernel Mean Estimator with Marginalized Corrupted Data
79 993 On Structural Explanation of Bias in Graph Neural Networks
80 1016 Streaming Hierarchical Clustering based on Point-set Kernel
81 1021 Repository Embedding via Heterogeneous Graph Adversarial Contrastive Learning
82 1049 Non-stationary A/B Tests
83 1053 Nonlinearity Encoding for Extrapolation of Neural Networks
84 1057 Towards a Native Quantum Paradigm for Graph Representation Learning: a Sampling-based Recurrent Embedding Approach
85 1059 Communication-Efficient Robust Federated Learning with Noisy Labels
86 1064 Task-Aware Reconstruction for Time-Series Transformer
87 1085 ClusterEA: Scalable Entity Alignment with Stochastic Training and Normalized Mini-batch Similarities
88 1092 Towards an Optimal Asymmetric Graph Structure for Robust Semi-supervised Node Classification
89 1094 Ultrahyperbolic Knowledge Graph Embeddings
90 1097 Batch Stochastic Bin Packing in Cloud: A Chance-constrained Optimization Approach
91 1105 Streaming Graph Neural Networks with Generative Replay
92 1106 Accurate Node Feature Estimation with Structured Variational Graph Autoencoder
93 1129 LinE: Logical Query Reasoning over Hierarchical Knowledge Graphs
94 1155 Local Evaluation of Time Series Anomaly Detection Algorithms
95 1160 Label-enhanced Prototypical Network with Contrastive Learning for Multi-label Few-shot Aspect Category Detection
96 1176 Multi-Behavior Hypergraph-Enhanced Transformer for Next-Item Recommendation
97 1182 Motif Prediction with Graph Neural Networks
98 1235 Framing Algorithmic Recourse for Anomaly Detection
99 1236 Dense feature tracking of atmospheric winds with deep optical flow
100 1237 GUIDE: Group Equality Informed Individual Fairness in Graph Neural Networks
101 1238 Graph Rationalization with Environment-based Augmentations
102 1240 Adaptive Model Pooling for Online Deep Anomaly Detection from a Complex Evolving Data Stream
103 1255 Robust and Informative Text Augmentation (RITA) via Constrained Worst-Case Transformations for Low-Resource Named Entity Recognition
104 1263 Dual-Geometric Space Embedding Model for Two-View Knowledge Graphs
105 1345 Fair Ranking as Fair Division: Impact-Based Individual Fairness in Ranking
106 1351 Make Fairness More Fair: Fair Item Utility Estimation and Exposure Re-Distribution
107 1356 Human mobility prediction with causal and spatial-constrained multi-task network
108 1383 Explaining Recurrent Neural Networks by Learning Automata with Adaptive States
109 1386 LeapAttack: Hard-Label Adversarial Attack on Text via Gradient-Based Optimization
110 1388 TrajGAT: A Graph-based Long-term Dependency Modeling Approach for Trajectory Similarity Computation
111 1409 Knowledge-enhanced Black-box Attacks for Recommendations
112 1419 Optimal Interpretable Clustering Using Oblique Decision Trees
113 1439 Deep Learning For Prognosis Using Task-fMRI: A Novel Architecture and Training Scheme
114 1451 Multi-fidelity Hierarchical Neural Processes
115 1482 Causal Attention for Graph Classification
116 1484 Modeling Individual Decision-Making Style in Chess
117 1518 Transfer Learning based Search Space Design for Hyperparameter Tuning
118 1543 CLARE: A Semi-supervised Community Detection Algorithm
119 1544 Minimizing Congestion for Balanced Dominators
120 1561 Delayed Feedback Modeling with a Time Window Assumption
121 1564 An Empirical Study of Deep Graph Neural Networks
122 1565 Spatio-Temporal Trajectory Similarity Learning in Road Networks
123 1581 Bilateral Dependency Optimization: Defending Against Model-inversion Attacks
124 1593 HyperAid: Denoising in hyperbolic spaces for tree-fitting and hierarchical clustering
125 1637 Domain Adaptation in Physical Systems via Graph Kernel
126 1660 Towards Universal Sequence Representation Learning for Recommender Systems
127 1690 Towards Unified Conversational Recommender Systems via Knowledge-Enhanced Prompt Learning
128 1713 Graph-Flashback Network for Next Location Recommendation
129 1715 FedMSplit: Correlation-Adaptive Federated Multi-Task Learning across Multimodal Split Networks
130 1724 Open-Domain Aspect-Opinion Co-Mining with Double-Layer Span Extraction
131 1732 Graph Neural Networks with Node-wise Architecture
132 1766 Subset Node Anomaly Tracking over Large Dynamic Graphs
133 1770 Learning Task-relevant Representations for Generalization via Characteristic Functions of Reward Sequence Distributions
134 1775 Debiasing Learning for Membership Inference Attacks Against Recommender Systems
135 1800 Multi-Variate Time Series Forecasting on Variable Subsets
136 1802 Unsupervised Key Event Detection from Massive Text Corpus
137 1816 MSDR: Multi-Step Dependency Relation Networks for Spatial Temporal Forecasting
138 1828 Discovering Significant Patterns under Sequential False Discovery Control
139 1832 Incremental Cognitive Diagnosis for Intelligent Education
140 1839 Reliable Representations Make A Stonger Defender:Unsupervised Structure Refinement for Robust GNN
141 1854 Causal Discovery on Non-Euclidean data
142 1944 External Knowledge Infusion for Tabular Pre-training Models with Dual-adapters
143 1949 Fair View Graph Neural Network for Fair Node Representation Learning
144 1964 SMORE: Knowledge Graph Completion and Multi-hop Reasoning in Massive Knowledge Graphs
145 1980 FlowGEN: A Generative Model for Flow Graphs
146 1986 The DipEncoder: Enforcing Multimodality in Autoencoders
147 2001 PAC-Wrap: Semi-Supervised PAC Anomaly Detection
148 2005 Scalable Differentially Private Clustering via Hierarchically Separated Trees
149 2012 Quantifying and Reducing Registration Uncertainty of Spatial Vector Labels on Earth Imagery
150 2031 Flexible Modeling and Multitask Learning using Differentiable Tree Ensembles
151 2049 Deconfounding Actor-Critic Network with Policy Adaptation for Dynamic Treatment Regimes
152 2058 BLISS: A Billion scale Index using Iterative Re-partitioning
153 2066 Improving Social Network Embedding via New Second-Order Continuous Graph Neural Networks
154 2069 Multi-Agent Graph Convolutional Reinforcement Learning for Dynamic Electric Vehicle Charging Pricing
155 2087 A Model-Agnostic Approach to Differentially Private Topic Mining
156 2095 How does Heterophily Impact Robustness of Graph Neural Networks? Theoretical Connections and Practical Implications
157 2098 RES: A Robust Framework for Visual Explanation Supervision
158 2102 Adaptive Fairness-Aware Online Meta-Learning for Changing Environments
159 2107 RLogic: Recurrent Logical Rule Learning from Knowledge Graphs
160 2133 Mining Spatio-Temporal Relations via Self-Paced Graph Contrastive Learning
161 2158 Nimble GNN Embedding with Tensor-Train
162 2169 Releasing Private Data for Numerical Queries
163 2192 COSTA: Covariance-Preserving Feature Augmentation for Graph Contrastive Learning
164 2199 Knowledge-Guided Pre-training of Graph Transformer for Molecular Property Prediction
165 2205 Robust Event Forecasting with Spatiotemporal Confounder Learning
166 2207 Model Integrity Authentication in Gradient Boosting Machine
167 2213 Condensing Graphs via One-Step Gradient Matching
168 2220 Debiasing the Cloze Task in Sequential Recommendation with Bidirectional Transformers
169 2223 Few-shot Heterogeneous Graph Learning via Cross-domain Knowledge Transfer
170 2229 PARSRec: Explainable Personalized Attention-fused Recurrent Sequential Recommendation Using Session Partial Actions
171 2319 A Spectral Representation of Networks: The Path of Subgraphs
172 2327 Partial Label Learning with Semantic Label Representations
173 2339 Graph Structural Attack by Perturbing Spectral Distance
174 2341 Robust Tensor Graph Convolutional Networks via T-SVD based Graph Augmentation
175 2350 Enhancing Machine Learning Approaches for Graph Optimization Problems with Diversifying Graph Augmentation
176 2357 Toward Learning Robust and Invariant Representations with Alignment Regularization and Data Augmentation
177 2376 Invariant Preference Learning for General Debiasing in Recommendation
178 2396 Physics-infused Machine Learning for Crowd Simulation
179 2397 Geometric Graph Representation Learning on Protein Structures
180 2414 Saliency-regularized Deep Multi-task Learning
181 2416 Few-Shot Fine-Grained Entity Typing with Automatic Label Interpretation and Instance Generation
182 2433 Improving Data-driven Heterogeneous Treatment Effect Estimation Under Structure Uncertainty
183 2439 Feature Overcorrelation in Deep Graph Neural Networks: A New Perspective
184 2472 RetroGraph: Retrosynthetic Planning with Graph Search
185 2485 ML4S: Learning Causal Skeleton from Vicinal Graphs
186 2488 Robust Inverse Framework using Self-Supervised Learning: An application to Hydrology
187 2499 Variational Flow Graphical Model
188 2500 Fair Labelled Clustering
189 2502 Learning Binarized Graph Representations with Multi-faceted Quantization Reinforcement for Top-K Recommendation
190 2512 Disentangled Ontology Embedding for Zero-shot Learning
191 2513 SOS: Score-based Oversampling Minor Classes for Tabular Data
192 2515 KRATOS: Context-aware cell type classification and interpretation using joint dimensionality reduction and clustering
193 2520 Clustering with fair center representation: parameterized approximation algorithms and heuristics
194 2536 User-Event Graph Embedding Learning for Context-Aware Recommendation
195 2538 Knowledge Enhanced Search Result Diversification
196 2546 Numerical Tuple Extraction from Tables with Pre-training
197 2607 State Dependent Parallel Neural Hawkes Process for Limit Order Book Event Stream Prediction and Simulation
198 2608 ExMeshCNN: An Explainable Convolutional Neural Network Architecture for 3D Shape Analysis
199 2615 Beyond Point Prediction: Capturing Zero-Inflated & Heavy-Tailed Spatiotemporal Data with Deep Extreme Mixture Models
200 2618 A Generalized Backward-Compatibility Metric
201 2631 On missing labels, long-tails and propensities in extreme multi-label classification
202 2640 Finding Meta Winning Ticket to Train Your MAML
203 2644 Scalar is Not Enough: Vectorization-based Unbiased Learning to Rank
204 2659 A Nearly-Linear Time Algorithm for Minimizing Risk of Conflict in Social Networks
205 2663 Non-stationary Time-aware Kernelized Attention for Temporal Event Prediction
206 2667 Learning Relevant Information in Conversational Search and Recommendation using Deep Reinforcement Learning
207 2671 Mask and Reason: Pre-Training Knowledge Graph Transformers for Complex Logical Queries
208 2674 Self-Augmented Hypergraph Transformer for Recommender Systems
209 2680 Aligning Dual Disentangled User Representations from Ratings and Textual Content
210 2683 HICF: Hyperbolic Informative Collaborative Filtering
211 2715 In Defense of Core-set: A Density-aware Core-set Selection for Active Learning
212 2731 ProActive: Self-Attentive Temporal Point Process Flows for Activity Sequences
213 2757 Geometric Policy Iteration for Markov Decision Processes
214 2765 Discovering Invariant and Changing Mechanisms from Data