KDD Cup 2012 (Track 1): Predict which users (or information sources) one user might follow in Tencent Weibo

Online social networking services have become tremendously popular in recent years, with popular social networking sites like Facebook, Twitter, and Tencent Weibo adding thousands of enthusiastic new users each day to their existing billions of actively engaged users. Since its launch in April 2010, Tencent Weibo, one of the largest micro-blogging websites in China, has become a major platform for building friendship and sharing interests online. Currently, there are more than 200 million registered users on Tencent Weibo, generating over 40 million messages each day. This scale benefits the Tencent Weibo users but it can also flood users with huge volumes of information and hence puts them at risk of information overload. Reducing the risk of information overload is a priority for improving the user experience and it also presents opportunities for novel data mining solutions. Thus, capturing users’ interests and accordingly serving them with potentially interesting items (e.g. news, games, advertisements, products), is a fundamental and crucial feature social networking websites like Tencent Weibo. 


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