KDD Cup 2007: Consumer recommendations

Competition Rules

By registering, you indicate your full and unconditional agreement and acceptance of these contest rules.

Eligibility: The contest is open to any party planning to attend KDD 2007. A person can participate in only one team. Each team can participate in either or both of the tasks.

Integrity: The contestant takes the responsibility of obtaining any permission to use any algorithms, tools, or additional data that are intellectual property of a third party. Permission is granted by Netflix to employ the Netflix Prize data set for the KDD Cup competition.

Registration: You must register before June 1, 2007 in order to participate. By registering, we mean two things; (1) sign up as an user of the site, and (2) create a submission (could be a dummy submission) for each task that you will participate (by clicking on the "Submit Paper" button). All the submitted information can be updated later, but no new submission can be made after June 1, 2007. Registration does not imply any commitment to participation. After registration, the system will give you a unique identifier (called Paper ID) for the submitted KDD Cup task. The ID will be used when submitting the corresponding results file. Separate registration is required on the Netflix Prize web site to download the training data set. We will keep your registration data private.

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