KDD Cup 2006: Pulmonary embolisms detection from image data

Competition Rules

Eligibility: The contest is open to any party planning to attend KDD 2006. Each of the three tasks will be evaluated separately; you can enter as many tasks (or as few tasks) as you like. A person can participate in only one group per task.

Registration: Each participating group must register with the competition in order to gain access to the training data. The registration must indicate a single "group lead" who will be point of contact for the group. Each registered group lead will be subscribed to the KDD Cup 2006 mail list. The mail list will be used for contact with the participating groups and to announce rule clarifications, availability of additional data, etc. Groups are also encouraged to use this list to post questions and hold discussions.

Participation in tasks: This year's KDD Cup consists of three different tasks. A group may choose to submit to any or all of these tasks. Performance in one task will not positively or negatively impact the evaluation of performance in a different task. If a group chooses to participate in Tasks 1 or 2, they must submit results for all of the sub-tasks. The decision to participate in a given task will be made during results submission; a group does not have to commit to any particular tasks when registering to receive the training data.

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