KDD Cup 2001: Molecular bioactivity; plus protein locale prediction

KDD Cup 2001 summary [slides].

Winners of KDD Cup 2001: Task 1 - Thrombin

First Place: Jie Cheng
Canadian Imperial Bank of Commerce [slides]

Honorable Mention: T. Silander
University of Helsinki


Winners of KDD Cup 2001: Task 2 - Function

First Place: Mark-A. Krogel
University of Magdeburg [slides]

Honorable Mentions:
C. Lambert (Golden Helix)
J. Sese, H. Hayashi, and S. Morishita (University of Tokyo)
D. Vogel and R. Srinivasan (A.I. Insight)
S. Pocinki, R. Wilkinson, and P. Gaffney (Lubrizol Corp.)


Winners of KDD Cup 2001: Task 3 - Localization

First Place: Hisashi Hayashi, Jun Sese, and Shinichi Morishita
University of Tokyo [slides]
Honorable Mentions:
M. Schonlau (RAND)
W. DuMouchel, C. Volinsky and C. Cortes (AT & T)
B. Frasca, Z. Zheng, R. Parekh, and R. Kohavi (Blue Martini)

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