KDD Cup 1997: Direct marketing for lift curve optimization

This year, for the first time, the KDD 1997 Organization is organizing a Knowledge Discovery and Data Mining competition (KDD CUP 1997) in conjunction with the 3rd International Conference on Knowledge Discovery and Data Mining (KDD 1997.)

The Cup is open to all KDDM tool vendors, academics and corporations with significant applications. All products, applications, research prototypes and black-box solutions are welcome. If requested, the anonymity of the participants and their affiliated companies / institutions will be preserved. Our aim is not to rank the participants but to recognize the most innovative, efficient and methodologically advanced KDDM tools.

This year's challenge is to predict who is most likely to donate to a charity. Contestants were evaluated on the accuracy on the validation data set.

Note: the data used in KDD Cup 1997 is exactly the same as KDD Cup 1998.

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