SIGKDD Explorations

June 2021, Volume 23, Issue 1

Editor in Chief

Hanghang Tong

Associate Editors

Xin Luna Dong
Ankur Teredesai
Reza Zafarani

June 2021, Volume 23, Issue 1


Introduction to the Special Section on Bias and Fairness in AI [1]
Toon Calders, Eirini Ntoutsi, Mykola Pechenizkiy, Bodo Rosenhahn, and Salvatore Ruggieri

Two Kinds of Discrimination in AI-Based Penal Decision-Making [4]
Dietmar Hübner

On the Applicability of Machine Learning Fairness Notions [14]
Karima Makhlouf, Sami Zhioua, and Catuscia Palamidessi

Gendering algorithms in social media [24]
Eduard Fosch-Villaronga, Adam Poulsen, Roger A. Søraa, and Bart Custers

Ethical Adversaries: Towards Mitigating Unfairness with Adversarial Machine Learning [32]
Pieter Delobelle, Paul Temple, Gilles Perrouin, Benoit Frénay, Patrick Heymans and Bettina Berendt

Blind Spots in AI: the Role of Serendipity and Equity in Algorithm-Based Decision-Making [42]
Cora van Leeuwen, Annelien Smets, and An Jacobs

Assessing Viewpoint Diversity in Search Results Using Ranking Fairness Metrics [50]
Tim Draws, Nava Tintarev and Ujwal Gadiraju


Generative Counterfactuals for Neural Networks via Attribute-Informed Perturbation [59]
Fan Yang, Ninghao Liu, Mengnan Du, and Xia Hu

An Empirical Comparison of Bias Reduction Methods on Real-World Problems in High-Stakes Policy Settings [69]
Hemank Lamba, Kit T. Rodolfa and Rayid Ghani

Adversarial Attacks and Defenses: An Interpretation Perspective [86]
Ninghao Liu, Mengnan Du, Ruocheng Guo, Huan Liu, and Xia Hu

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