SIGKDD Explorations

December 2020, Volume 22, Issue 2

Editor in Chief

Hanghang Tong

Associate Editors

Xin Luna Dong
Ankur Teredesai
Reza Zafarani

December 2020, Volume 22, Issue 2

KDD 2020 Highlights

A Message from KDD 2020 General Chairs: KDD 2020 Highlights [1]
Rajesh K. Gupta and Yan Liu


Recent Advances in Reinforcement Learning for Traffic Signal Control: A Survey of Models and Evaluation: [12]
Hua Wei, Guanjie Zheng, Vikash Gayah, and Zhenhui Li

Adversarial Attacks and Defenses on Graphs: A Review, A Tool and Empirical Studies [19]
Wei Jin, Yaxin Li, Han Xu, Yiqi Wang, Shuiwang Ji, Charu Aggarwal and Jiliang Tang

Techniques for Automated Machine Learning [35]
Yi-Wei Chen, Qingquan Song and Xia Hu


A Report on the First Workshop on Document Intelligence (DI) at NeurIPS 2019 [8]
Hamid Motahari, Nigel Duffy, Paul Bennett, and Tania Bedrax-Weiss

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