2021 SIGKDD Service Award: Shipeng Yu

2021 SIGKDD Service Award Award Winner

Shipeng Yu has been leading teams and driving AI innovations across industries such as social network, manufacturing, service, and healthcare. With a strong research background and an entrepreneurial mindset, he is enthusiastic about creative thinking, innovative business models, and great team work. 

Currently he leads the Communications AI team at LinkedIn, which owns the major AI engine driving engagement growth and member retention at LinkedIn. The team develops innovative AI algorithms, builds scalable AI pipeline and platforms, makes great business impact, and also actively contributes to research communities. 

Shipeng strongly believes in giving back to the research community. He served as General Chair for KDD 2017. He is currently the Sponsorship Director for SIGKDD, overseeing the sponsorship effort for the annual KDD conferences and other Data Mining community activities. 

Personally, he has a broad interest in machine learning and large-scale data analysis, working in a wide range of applications including recommendation system, information retrieval, text analysis, medical imaging, precision medicine, and clinical decision support. He co-edited 2 books, co-invented 30+ patents, and co-authored 60+ peer-reviewed publications in international journals and conferences, with 3,000+ citations. In 2009 he won the International Award for the Best Industrial Data Mining Application. 

SERVICE AWARD COMMITTEE: Rakesh Agrawal; Michael Zeller; Ying Li; Thorsten Joachims; Ted Senator; Jiawei Han; Sunita Sarawagi; Christos Faloutsos

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