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Notice to Contributing Authors to SIGKDD Explorations

By submitting your article for distribution in this Special Interest Group publication, you hereby grant to ACM the following non-exclusive, perpetual, worldwide rights to:
However, as a contributing author, you retain copyright to your article and ACM will refer requests for republication directly to you.

  • Publish in print on condition of acceptance by the editor
  • Digitize and post your article in the electronic version of this publication
  • Include the article in the ACM Digital Library and in any Digital Library related services
  • Allow users to copy and distribute the article for noncommercial, educational or research purposes

Submission categories

Technical submissions to the newsletter can be either on a special issue topic or on topics of general interest to the KDD community. These can be in any one of the following categories.


  • Survey/tutorial articles (short) on important topics not exceeding 20 pages
  • Topical articles on problems and challenges
  • Well-articulated position papers
  • Technical articles not exceeding 10 pages.
  • Review articles of technical books, products and methodologies not exceeding 20 pages.
  • Reviews/summaries from conferences, panels and special meetings within 1 to 4 pages.
  • Book reviews and reports on relevant published technical books,
  • News items: on the order of 1-3 paragraphs. These can be sent either in ASCII format to editors, or using the Microsoft Word template: News-Announcements.doc
  • Brief announcements: not exceeding 5 lines in length can simply be sent as ASCII text to the editors by e-mail.
  • Advertisements: we accept advertisements related to data mining and KDD, including company, book, vendor, and service advertisements. All ads are subject to approval of editor. Rate are as follows: US $250 for a quarter page, $500 for a half page, and $1000 for a full page.

Please use Microsoft Word and prepare the advertisement in Word exactly the way you would want it to appear using this template file: sample-ads.doc (here’ a PDF version of this sample file, but please use the Word template). You may use a text box or frame that covers both columns if you prefer. If this is not possible, those who send a full page can make a submission in pdf or postscript (pdf preferred), or an image in .gif, .jpeg, or .TIFF. Anyone who does 1/2 or 1/4 page, needs to send us the ad as they like it to appear in a Word document using the indicated template.

How to submit
Formatting instructions

  • Submissions should be made via email (please contact
  • Submissions on the special issue theme should be made to the special issue editor.

All submissions should be made in PDF file format. Accepted papers need to follow the SIGKDD Explorations format as shown in the templates and samples below:

Microsoft Word

Use the following template: template.doc


LaTex authors can use this template file: sigkddExp.tex which requires styles specified in this CLS file: sigkddExp.cls. Here’s a pdf output of the sample file: sigkddExp.pdf.

Camera-ready Version

The final submission has to be a pdf file with all fonts embedded and without any page numbers and footers. This is needed for the article to be printable and viewable properly from various readers. Authors should substitute Adobe Postscript Type 1 fonts for any bitmap fonts (e.g., Postscript Type 3 bitmapped fonts, PCL fonts, MacOS bitmap fonts) and Type 3 fonts in LaTEX files. Bitmapped fonts display poorly on screen in PDF files and sometimes cause printing problems. You can check to make sure that you are using all Type 1 fonts or embedding others by clicking “File->Document properties->fonts” from your acrobat reader. Consider using pdflatex to directly generate the pdf from your latex source. You might find the following link useful for creating efficient and portable pdf files from latex PSFC Report publishing >> and ACM proceedings >>.

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