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December 2022, Volume 24, Issue 2

Editor in Chief

Xiangliang Zhang

Associate Editors

Brian Davison
Jiayu Zhou
Srijan Kumar

December 2022, Volume 24, Issue 2


Evaluating the Predictive Performance of Positive-Unlabelled Classifiers: a brief critical review and practical recommendations for improvement [5]
Jack D. Saunders, and Alex A. Freitas

Open challenges for Machine Learning based Early Decision-Making research [12]
Alexis Bondu, Youssef Achenchabe, Albert Bifet, Fabrice Clerot, Antoine Cornuejols, Joao Gama, Georges Hebrail, Vincent Lemaire, and Pierre-Francois Marteau

Federated Graph Machine Learning: A Survey of Concepts, Techniques, and Applications [32]
Xingbo Fu, Binchi Zhang, Yushun Dong, Chen Chen, and Jundong Li

Finding Multidimensional Simpson’s Paradox [48]
Jay Xu, Jian Pei, and Zicun Cong

Data Augmentation for Deep Graph Learning: A Survey [61]
Kaize Ding, Zhe Xu, Hanghang Tong, and Huan Liu


KDD 2022 Workshop on Decision Intelligence and Analytics for Online Marketplaces: Jobs, Ridesharing, Retail, and Beyond [78]
Zhiwei Qin, Liangjie Hong, Rui Song, Hongtu Zhu, Mohammed Korayem, Haiyan Luo, and Michael Jordan

Special Section on AI in Manufacturing: Current Trends and Challenges

Introduction to the Special Section on AI in Manufacturing: Current Trends and Challenges [81]
Jefrey Lijffijt, Dimitra Gkorou, Pieter Van Hertum, Alexander Ypma, Mykola Pechenizkiy, Joaquin Vanschoren

Investigating thresholding techniques in a real predictive maintenance scenario [86]
Apostolos Giannoulidis, Anastasios Gounaris, Nikodimos Nikolaidis, Athanasios Naskos, and Daniel Caljouw

Feature Selection for Fault Detection and Prediction based on Event Log Analysis [96]
Zhong Li, and Matthijs van Leeuwen

Acoustic Structural Integrity Assessment of Ceramics using Supervised Machine Learning and Uncertainty-Based Rejection [105]
Maria Lua Nunes, Marilia Barandas, Hugo Gamboa, and Filipe Soares

Experiences with Contrastive Predictive Coding in Industrial Time-Series Classification [114]
Sunanda Gamage, Benjamin Klopper, and Jagath Samarabandu

Supply Chain Link Prediction on Uncertain Knowledge Graph [124]
Nils Brockmann, Edward Elson Kosasih, and Alexandra Brintrup

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